Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Little Bit of Reality

You may wonder about my romanticized accounts of working down in Skid Row with marginalized people. Yes, they are just people, individual and beautiful each in their own way. But sometimes there are bad days: it's not all bits of wisdom and smiles. Occasionally we hear gunshots and sirens, witness a fight, get confronted by unhappy guests demanding we "serve them" a certain way or look up to see that the light fixture in our bathroom was ripped out of the ceiling. And all that was just what happened to me last week. Oh, life, how we love your little bits of reality...


  1. Hey Grace, Welcome to The Ministy!:D or as Pastor D'zaster calls it..."THE MISERY!" :P
    remember When? hope your days are better..
    and praying for you always..Mrs.B

  2. woops ...MINIS=TRY..not 'sty'... though it can tend to feel like a Sty in ones eye at times ;{ ..ergo = 'Misery'...
    just me 'Mrs.B' again...Don' worry B' Happy:} or is that Sappy?? Yah.

  3. Hey Kare. :) I like getting your comments and thank you for the encouragement. I would love to hear from you personally! Give me a call (323) 819-4962.
    Lovin' you,