Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fruit and Photos

Last night we had the video potluck showing of the Howard Zinn documentary "The People Speak". Because the event was hosted by our Dumpster Diving Meetup, we went out dumpstering after the meal, film and discussion were over.

It took a long time until the employees were finished closing up, but it was worth the standing around and hiding. While we were waiting, we watched from the shadows as workers dumped three shopping carts of fruit into the bin. There was no way that we could use it all, so we took what we could handle. There were a lot of other items in a different store's dumpster to give us a nice variety to "shop" from.

A box of fruit that hold perhaps a tenth or less of the fruit we saw thrown out.
A selection of colorful veggies.
Our bread box and a strategically placed pie.
The must-refrigerate items, including many boxes of fancy Brie cheese. 

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  1. Grace,

    I would be interested in learning the name and location of the store you were referring to above.

    Aka Homeless In L.A.