Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Disappointment

Yesterday I went on a typical dumpster dive, by myself, in Pasadena. I was actually in the bin, digging around, and not finding much. Suddenly, a big white pickup truck pulled up next to the dumpster, which is in front of the loading dock gate (which was closed at this point). I wondered if the truck was that of a dumpster diver, or of somebody coming to pick up food. I didn't want to find out; if it was the latter, I could get in trouble when the employees opened the gate! So I made a speedy getaway.

When I was pulling out of the parking lot in Eric's car, I saw the big white pickup truck again, as it was leaving, too. The bed of the truck was full of bags of food. The driver had picked up a donation. That was the reason for my meager pickings. Instead of throwing away the good food, employees had given it to the driver of that truck.

I was never so happy to go away nearly empty handed as I was that evening.