Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Tally

Here's a tally of the items we found in Tuesday night's haul that I pictured here.

I was able to make two lovely cheesecakes yesterday, thanks to all the cream cheese. Believe it or not, most of the stuff we brought home has been consumed by the household in these two days.

The tapioca pudding was thrown out because one of the tubs in the case had busted. The other 11 were just fine, and quite tasty.

11 16oz tubs Tapioca pudding (which does not expire until Feb 6)
10 1qt jugs 100% fresh orange juice
4 15.2 oz jugs fresh orange juice
5 1 qt strawberry lemonade
6 16 oz jugs heavy cream
3 12 oz bottles Guinness Draught
13 12 oz tubs soft lite cream cheese
1 32 oz tub maple yogurt
3 12 oz chicken salad
1 8oz tub white mushrooms
2 loaves sprouted grains bread
1 pork chops (priced $6.89 for 1.15 lbs)
2 packs prepared beef brisket
3 packs prepared grilled, seasoned chicken
1 12 oz pack cooked salmon
1 16 oz pack roast turkey breast
1 7oz pack veggie rolls
15  lemons
8  zuccini
3 color bell pepper
1 melon
5 lbs sweet potatoes (estimated)
2 vine ripe tomatoes

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