Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Free Meal

Last night I made a meal for the house ("house" is the word we use to refer to the LA Catholic Worker Community) entirely from dumpstered food. Well, make that almost entirely. I think the only not-freegan  ingredients were the garlic and salt. The rosemary and arugula were freegan, since they were grown in a friend's garden, but were also not dumpstered. Even the butter was rescued.

I cooked up a seasoned lamb's leg from New Zealand and talapia fillets (fish) with sides of golden potatoes, steamed broccoli and rainbow chard with butter garlic sauce. There was a dumpster fruit salad for dessert.

I do wish I had taken pictures of that.

I also wish I wouldn't forget the things I was going to blog about. :P for next time, I guess.

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