Friday, October 30, 2009

Some Filler for Ya

I have been out of cyberspace for awhile with an annoyingly contagious flu-like "thing" that has enveloped the Catholic Worker House. I am still not up to par, and will just insert some interesting links and a video to amuse bored readers. :P

Since my last post, another sit-in took place here in LA (this time in Glendale). Eric was among the 7 arrested at the Glendale Cigna office in the name of Mobilization for Healthcare for All.

A couple of links I came across today:
"I live without cash and I manage just fine"  (about a man living without money in Great Britian).

And another "is he a freeloader?" analysis of my buddy Suelo, found as a link on the previous article:
"Daniel Suelo: Free Spirit or Freeloader?"

Wishing better health and better healthcare for all. Peace out.

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