Monday, October 5, 2009

Kenyan Reflection

Today has been a day of memories. Monday is my day of rest, and my favorite thing to do on such a day is to stay at Eric's apartment by myself after he goes to work and the kids have gone to school. I bustle restfully around the place cleaning up after a week's worth of busy people on the go, listening to Internet radio and frequently sitting down to the computer. Often that time results in contemplation and reminiscing (and blogging!).

During my breaktime browsing I found myself looking up Takatifu Gardens, the beautiful Quaker community in Kenya at which I spent three months earlier this year. The official website has new pictures that blew my mind. When I was there, we worked very hard on the compound (community/volunteer center)'s garden and grounds. So to see pictures of less than six months after the work was really gratifying. The garden is flourishing, the baby rabbits I raised are full grown (and having rabbits of their own).

I also read blog entries from other international volunteers who have worked at TG at times when I was not there. It is inspiring to read of other lives that were touched by the very work that touched me so deeply.

The local schoolchildren are a big focus at Takatifu Gardens and I thought that this post from a fellow blogger was a beautiful capturing of that.

I still feel that my trip to Kenya was the best thing that I have done in my life so far. How I would love to go back.

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