Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's Get Arrested!

I'm pretty excited because I just got back from a meeting in which I and a handful of other excited activists (or activists in the making) were preparing to be arrested tomorrow. This will be my first civil disobedience action.

Here's the scoop: The Center for the Working Poor, another Catholic Worker community in the area (also known as the Burning Bush Community), is working with the Mobilize for Healthcare for All campaign to plan a demonstration. The directive is to being attention to the lives which are being put in jeopardy unnecessarily by an unfair, profit based system. We will go to the office of a big insurance company and demand that care is provided to all terminally ill patients. Of course, they won't meet our demands, so our plan is sit in until they change their minds, or arrest us. The former is highly unlikely, so we are ready to go to jail to bring attention to this crucial aspect of the healthcare debate. Not only are we Angelinos doing this action tomorrow, but we will be joined (well, thanks to time zones, preceded) by 9 other cities in our huge nation. Chicago and NY got quite a bit of media time for their single actions, but hopefully such a large number of cities participating on the same day will make a large splash.

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