Monday, October 11, 2010

CicLAvia!!! (Being Car[e]free)

Yesterday, 10/10/10, was Los Angeles' first Ciclovia event. The website/blog for the LA version is here. It now includes pictures from yesterday's opening of the streets. I took a large group of friends on bicycle to enjoy the 7 miles of car-free streets, from 10 AM to 3PM. A lovely coincidence was that one end of the route was at a park less than half a mile from the LACW house where I live.

CicLAvia 2010 - downtown L.A. - photo by Yasuko Fujisawa

My friends and I had a great time riding and enjoying the car(e)free atmosphere. There was live music in several spots, with musicians including my friend (Eric's roommate), sitar player Paul Livingstone. This event brought out a great sense of community. For example, we rode down the route. looking for a place to set up the sound equipment. Paul saw a lawn he liked in front of a house. He asked the resident if he could play there, and she gave permission. I thought that was pretty cool! People passing by stopped to listen to Paul's wonderful music. It was the most relaxing part of the whole day.

<---this guy is relaxing

People rollerbladed, skateboarded, walked, ran, rode bikes on the streets all morning. For me, I saw a future in this. When cars are obsolete and asphalt has outlived our machines, we will still have our bodies. May alternative transportation grow and live on!

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