Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Funky Freegan Home Brewing

My boyfriend Eric has made a personal commitment to stop buying alcohol; he already spends less than $5/week on food. Eric's decision was sparked by a sudden inspiration to brew his own drinks from our dumpstered fruit finds. Thanks to our home-brew enthusiast friends Kurt and Sybilla, a home brewing supply store on the West side and an initial investment in equipment, we've bottled our first two batches of hard cider already. Celina (Eric's 10 yr old daughter) labeled each reclaimed beer bottle afresh as "ERIC'S Funky Freegan Hard Cider".

Now the "Raga Jazz Freegan House" (so named for the combination of Eric's and his roommate's respective activities) is brewing alcohol, in addition to all the freegan potluck parties and tons of dumspter food that pass through! My life is too much fun. :)


  1. Oh yeah, I see you. You know who this is. Very good post.

  2. Yeah, we got lots of home-brew wine flowing here. I don't drink that often, so folks think it's for lack of supply, rather than my choice. They tell me they'd like to live moneyless but don't want to give up booze. But home-brew is easy, especially fruit wines! And DIY is a million times more satisfying!

    Toast! and lotsa love to you La Punk!

  3. would love to see directions for this! my booze expenditure easily exceeds my food expenditure - and i'm already brewing lots of kombucha at home, so this shouldn't be too hard of a next step.

  4. Hi there! I just joined the LA dumpster diving meetup and found your blog by googling Raga Jazz Freegan House because that sounded really cool.

    My husband and I just moved to Los Angeles and we would love to learn about the best dumpster diving places, and also how to get involved in volunteering around the city. Sounds like you might have some good ideas for us! Our email is buskingjourney@gmail.com. Would you be willing to correspond with us? Thanks!