Monday, April 19, 2010

Tag Teaming

Lately I have been too tired to go dumpster diving (gasp!), with my work and all the social activities we do. Eric has been so kind to me, letting me sleep while he goes out at 10 PM by himself or with a friend to rescue the free food. On Saturday night, he took our friend Gazi, a man who works in banking/finance and drives a BMW, on his second expedition. They came back with boxes of potatoes, hummus, ground beef, bread and more while I was snoozing on the couch. It's so cool that Gazi is as enthusiastic about dumpster diving as he is. His wife was surprised that he liked it so much, because she knows him as a conventional, clean, organized person. But he loves the idea of saving the food from landfill and getting it for free. I am pretty sure that he is as excited about the adventure of it as he is about the "ethics" behind it.

I haven't been out in a dumpster in almost two weeks! But that will change soon, if no sooner than Saturday. Our next dumpster ride is coming up. We are hoping to finally make this a monthly event. Hopefully, we can find a kitchen in time to keep the "freegan meal" aspect of the event. [yikes]

Til next time, let us tread lightly on the Earth!

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  1. i don't know Grace, with all that food comming in it may be hard to "tread lightly" could have Deep footprints with THAT kind of smorgasboard;}
    Hey Yah, i am running behind on our notes passing in the s~mail....home renovation waits for No-1...and my hands are ouch! Do you have a garden? i have a potted salad one going...2 tomaters getting bigger every day, lettuce, YAY! Here's to "Treading light"!

    luvs * <3 -kare