Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dumpster in Peace

Busyness condemns us all. (Don't ask.) Where does the time go?

Just a quick "catch-up" for you all:

Two weekends ago now, we had our last Dumpster Meetup. Unfortunately, these events have not been as frequent as I would like them to be. We shall correct that as soon as our personal lives are stable enough. Ha. The last event was a "success". We had a good turnout for a non-bike event (between 12 and 15 people), found a goodly amount of food, hosted a friendly pair of student journalists and had no security run-ins. We did discover that yet another of our favorite bins was locked. Publicity for the deeds of Freeganism is a double-edged sword. We hope that the public will begin to think about the ramifications of a consumer- and material-based society and that businesses will be pressured into facing up to their waste. But it also means that stores are going to take measures to keep people like us from exposing their dirty secrets. We won't be able to live off of the waste forever; one way or another, it will become unavailable to us. Our hope, of course, is that there will be no more waste to pick through because resources will be used in the most efficient ways possible. That goal, realistically, is a long way away.

Above, at right is a picture from that event (note the mic in the foreground). For more, click here.

That same weekend (an insanely busy one, it was), Eric [holding the "P"], his daughter Celina [hiding behind the "C"] and I [with the green "A"] attended the "Palm Sunday Peace Parade" in Pasadena. It was an enjoyable event, family friendly and very peaceful. :) Pictures for that here.

Dumpster in Peace, ya'll.



  2. My slide show did not come out in the comment above, so just go to and they will all be there. See you all in El Segundo 3 pm on June 5, mark you calendar. MacGregor 831 206 5043

  3. I really wish the Seattle Dumpster Diving Meetup (or any freegan group in Seattle) were more active. I went only once to a DD Meetup -- about five years ago. They were supposed to meet at a particular pizza parlor, and it turned out I was the only one who showed up (even though several people RSVP'd)! You would think a city the size of Seattle would have a much better showing. I'm really disappointed about that, and I wish I knew how to get something like that off the ground. You guys look like you're having so much fun!

  4. Gloria, it just takes patience and perseverance. Actually, some of our friends are trying to get meetups started in other parts of LA, and are having a hard time. At one of the events, the event coordinator didn't show up and the few who did had no idea what to do! What a disaster. And when I first met Eric, his meetups had very few attendees. A year later, we get more members showing up and truly have a lot of fun. It has taken consistency. Good luck!