Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life Just Is

Beyond flowery philosophies
Pushing past ideologies
Forgetting the search for deeper meaning
Letting go of a "higher being"
After our thoughts have faded away
And our striving has turned to gray:
Life just -

Please don't take this poem as an attack on attempts to put meaning into the lives we are given on this earth or as a slam against religion. I am a deeply philosophical and spiritually open person. This writing is just a piece meant to acknowledge the fact the we are here and that life is in us, no matter what it is we believe.


  1. you don't have to explain anything to anybody,your thoughts are your thoughts, and nobody should take offense on what you write or what you think,are you forgetting the first amendment? if people don't like what you write,well fuck'em; tell'em to move to cuba or iran, and see what happens. " ABOVE US ONLY SKY ". aight. PAE/90(the one)

  2. Fredy, I think your comments may be a little misunderstood and perhaps over the top. I like to leave a disclaimer, particularly because I know that people from all kinds of backgrounds read the stuff I write. I also want to avoid misunderstandings, because I do still believe in a spiritual realm. Please don't be so aggressive! Thanks and peace,