Friday, April 24, 2009

Freeganism, an acrostic

Food being wasted in great big piles
Rescuers coming from many miles
Eric's bike trailer loaded with stuff
"Everyone's welcome; there's more than enough!"
Gathering communities of people to share
Another world pictured through love everywhere
Nothing is wasted in the world we see
"Imagine all the people living life in peace"
Society's excess now becomes our meal
Make the world better, prove that love is real


  1. hey,funky punky,i've read all your blog,and i'm very inspired by your outlook about life,it's amazing that someone so young can post such material.if only half of young people around the world would think the same way you do,we all would be in a better're really making a difference in this world,people don't need to built huge buildings,create some weapons to keep other people down in the name of peace,what you're doing is something we all need to imitate to make this world a better place for everyone.i know i can learn a great deal from you.i don't know anything about you physically,but i can tell you've got a kind soul.i wish you the very best on whatever you decide to do. your friend fredy gutierrez

  2. hey,grace,just by reading your blog i've learned so many things about life,things that i take for granted,all the food that sometimes i throw've made me open my eyes to a world i didn't know existed,but now i'm more humble to the point that i'm gonna donate my time at the union rescue mission helping on whatever i can be of service for homeless people.your friend fredy gutierrez.

  3. Great post! Very cool that I'm in it with my bike trailer :)

    It's been great having you visit. I've learned much from you, particularly from your kindness, generosity and dedication to the world we live in. I hope realize some of your hopes and dreams as you continue your travels.

  4. Funkypunky, thank you for the blog, and I thank you for comming to precious's Funeral,
    I like what you wrote, talk to you soon
    Inglewood, Ca 90304