Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Diversity is a Harmony (a song)

verse 1
When will we all get together
Don't we know we're all the same?
There is a place called forever
Where we can be free of shame

One plants, another one waters
We each play our part
One day we'll all live together
If we live from the heart

Each one of us is a different song
A different song being played
And the melodies create a harmony
If we sing it in the right way

verse 2
We all have different strengths
We each lead different lives
But there is only one way
One chance to do what's right

Your color doesn't matter
Neither does your preference
We all have the same Father
Come and join life's great dance


  1. I'd love to hear this song. Does it have a melody?

  2. Nice. I like the idea that we are each a song. Yeah, we truly are, and if we are totally ourselves, we discover we really do harmonize!

  3. gotta run,nice song,though,not much time in this computer...sitting right next 2 u. pae/90

  4. Um, excuse me, er, wouldn't it be more accurate to say that each one of us a different note? LOL. Except that wouldn't sound as nice for the song, hey?


  5. Yeah, I'd still say that's got to be your best tune unless you've started writing new songs since I last saw you.

    Did you write it while watching the leaves fall to the ground on the bank of a gently flowing river? Just kidding!

    Good stuff.

    Love, Jeremy

  6. I thought about it a little more and was thinking that each one of us could be a different note in this cosmic song, but that a different melody would be work well too. However, I think I've over analized this one too much already!