Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making My Mark

You may remember my post in May about my friend Marie. She was an intern of the LACW last summer and was inspired by my freegan activism, which I got her involved in while she was here. When she got home, Marie started her own dumpster diving meetup in her hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. It's been as thriving as such a thing can be in such a place. :)

This summer, she got another tattoo. Her new addition is in honor of the spirit of freeganism; the graffiti on the side of the dumpster reads "WORK 4 <3 (love), [not for $]". The cat on the left side represents me! I was so flattered when I heard and saw this. Think about it: I literally "made my mark" on Marie's life. :P Not that it's about me at all...

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