Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dumpster Ride in July

On Saturday, Eric and I led our monthly "Dumpster Ride and Freegan Meal" event. I discovered that it has been one month more than a year since we started the dumpster tour ride.

This year's July ride was successful and fun. We had a group of about 15 riders, and they all stayed on through the end of the meal. Usually we start with a bigger group and about half of them drop out before we get to wherever we have the dinner. Everything went very smoothly. This was the first ride since our exciting May event in which we were followed by a police helicopter and briefly waylaid by officers after our first stop of the night. no such surprises popped up this time. We finished our raiding quickly, gathering a goodly amount of food for a tasty meal at Throop Church.

One trivial thing I noticed about the ride was that each stop was progressively better than the last. We went to three stores for our food. The first was a 99cent store in a residential neighborhood. The food was crap, but we found a couple of men's collared shirts and had general fun. Then we stopped at a nicer grocery store where we found lots of food, mostly packaged, processed stuff (but damn tasty). Our last stop was the best - a higher-end grocery store that carries a lot of fresh, organic produce. We got a lot of fresh fruit there. Posher stores have higher standards, and therefore throw away more, better quality food.

For dinner at midnight, we had great salads and other tasty treats. My favorite thing (besides the fresh watermelon) was the hamburgers that we cooked with mushrooms and served loaded with vegetables. YUM!

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  1. Hey Sparky=D
    Mushroom Hamburgers and Watermelon seem to be a thing with us this week as well!) Watermelon is great for Detoxing from the processed packaged junk that's so easy to get slogged down with in these days of "convenience". Do You read labels? Amazing what passes for edibility!(is that A word?) Ha. Eat fast & die happy! that's Got to be a new lifes Motto...Bon Apetito! i'm glad you have the Organics to turn to.. they are So expensive for the common customer. i would "shop" with you if it were possible but besides the toxic world out there you peeps are up Way passed my bedtime![ Anyways...Bee Well, stay swell & keep the Sparks flyin'=D luv, Mrs.B