Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Take Me Home"

The other night Eric and I were dumpster diving at our favorite place. This store has 6 dumpsters; usually 2 or 3 are full of fresh produce, dairy and other tasty treats. That night, we each got our own dumpster to ferret through for salvageable food. While I was knee deep in trash bags, oranges and discarded containers of yogurt, I saw a box full of intact oranges. On one of the side flaps, it was written "FREE - Please take me home". I loved the beauty of the moment. This ripped up and tossed away box, full of perfectly good fruit, called to us. It told us to do exactly what we were doing.

Yesterday, Eric and I planted a small vegetable garden on the LACW property. It felt wonderful to be working barefoot in the dirt again. I hadn't worked a garden since my time in Kenya in the beginning of 2009. Gardening is a very Freegan concept. If people would grow their own food, we wouldn't have the need for supermarkets and industrialized consumption. I have a feeling that there would be a lot less food waste.


  1. Greetings fellow Earth-lings =D, Dirt is SO good for ones Soul/soles! Glad to know you are having fun Rooting. We are having quite a challenge since Spring sprung and we are into Summer temps already.. how to give plants sun but not be scourched? i have much to learn about desert gardening. Yet we have 6 green Tomaters on the vine and a pot of scrawny;p though tastey lettuce:D So... are we freegan yet? The Ants are!! looking forward to Pict's of your vegi haven, Dear.
    xx&oo's from Mrs.Mud d. B.... kare<3

  2. :) You are doing a freegan thing! Being freegan means finding ways to be more "green" (in simplest of terms), and gardening sure is a good thing!
    I will post pictures as soon as I see sprouting!