Thursday, March 11, 2010

Comments on My Last Post

I just wanted to say that, after I posted my last blog post, I thought back and noticed the hypocrisy there. In the first line, I mention that I was "hit with a traffic ticket". A few days earlier, I had posted a rant about the insanity of cars. So, I am a hypocrite of a cyclist... yes, I drive. I would like to defend myself, since I do try to take my bike or public transit as often as possible. However, I realize that I'm more likely to ride as often as is comfortable. :( We all get sucked into the culture of our enviroment, however much we try to go against the grain.

Enough beating myself over the head.

On a more positive note, I would like to post an update about Homeboy Industries. On Tuesday, I went to an event at their headquarters. Father Greg Boyle, the founder and head honcho of Homeboy, has just written a book. The reading and signing was well attended and inspiring. I picked up a copy of the new book, "Tattoos on the Heart" and had it signed for the LACW community. I have only read the first few chapters and would already recommend it to readers of this blog. It's a collection of stories from Father Greg's more than 25 years of working with the gang-involved youth of Los Angeles.

Peace out.

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  1. Hey there G,

    Jeremy here, just writing to say that I was impressed with your ability to see the contradiction between your earlier "rant" about cars and the fact that you were ticketed while driving one! But alas, I'm really in no position to speak much on the topic as you know full well just how much driving we JC's usually do, although we are still aiming to greatly limit our fuel consumption and therefore driving in an attempt to lighten our "footprint" on the glorious creation that is earth.

    On a side note, I notice there was also something that stood out to me. You mentioned recently that you still refer to your parents by their first name, yet you've still bestowed the title of "father" on Greg Boyle. I was curious about how your parents might feel about that when this guy (however great he may be) is still just another man---an equal like the rest of us. Not that I'm encouraging you to take back your stance on the parental issue, but just some food for thought.

    Hopefully I haven't offended you with this, it was just something I thought about as I've read your recent blog posts.


    Love and peace,