Friday, August 7, 2009

Perfection (For Eric)

This post (and the below poem) is dedicated with love to my dumpster diving partner and partner in life, my boyfriend Eric.

People like to ask how we met. I will post it here because, to me, it's relevant to this blog: We met through the Los Angeles Dumpster Diving Meetup! Eric hosted a meetup (a video potluck followed by dumpstering) at his house when I first got to LA, I found it through Google, and well, the rest is history.


I gazed into my own personal sky today,
two minuscule portions of that blue expanse,
holding in their depths a story of a life
and the emotions of a soul.
I gazed into those skies today
and saw a reflection - not quite perfection,
but as close as you can get to it:

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